Welcome to our new website!

To all members and friends of NECHPI, we've launched a new webpage! We hope you like it. The new site is designed to be easier to find what you're looking for, more informative, interactive, and attractive. On our new page, you'll find:

  • HOME PAGE: A couple of feeds providing quick synopsis of what's going on in the CHP world - fresh news stories, upcoming events, and NECHPI's latest policy efforts.
  • CHP BASICS: A primer on what CHP is, and some of the market and policy opportunities confronting it.
  • POLICY: A State-by-State guide to existing CHP policies in the Northeast, including information on various policy opportunities in these States, and how NECHPI is engaged to capture them.
  • EVENTS CALENDAR: An events calendar that includes events hosted by NECHPI, as well as all of our partner organizations, including links to past events information and materials.
  • ABOUT US: What the benefits of joining NECHPI are, a portal to register as a member, and information on our directors.