NECHPI Membership

Becoming a member of NECHPI is one of the best ways an organization or individual can become engaged in the best educational and trade events, get the best analysis of emerging CHP issues, and gain a seat at the table influencing CHP policy across the Northeast. Our current membership offerings are as follows:

Membership Levels:

 All members receive the following benefits:

  • Discounted rates for NECHPI events
  • Member’s only communications
  • Access to member’s only section of website which includes:
    • Comprehensive CHP event and policy calendar
    • Past NECHPI newsletters and publications
  • Ability to nominate one individual per year to participate in NECHPI committees or sub-committees

Depending on the level of membership, members also receive:

  • The ability to nominate and vote for individuals to be on the Board of Directors
  • The ability to nominate individuals to be considered by the Board of Directors for officer positions and committee chairs.

Corporate Membership



For-profit companies and organizations


Associate Membership


Any non-profit, academic, or government institution


Student, Retiree

Fulltime graduate or undergraduate students or retired individuals participating in a personal capacity



Government and academic leaders whose engagement benefits NECHPI


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